Monday, April 27, 2020

Rainy Days StencilGirl Collaboration

StencilGirl Columnist Tina Walker threw out a challenge to a bunch of creatives to use StencilGirl stencils and alter an UMBRELLA.  Now I was not going to participate in this one but Miss DeeDee Catron threw out a second challenge to me and I couldn't NOT.  So here is what I came up with...

I used a paper umbrella for this challenge, covered it in spray gesso and got to work with my selected StencilGirl stencils and Dina Wakley acrylic paints.

I used 2 of my favorite stencils; S527 Cross Stitch Plus Times and S575 Layers of Scallops.

Then with my beloved Posca Paint Pens I got started doodling and this is where we ended up.

I think I was channeling my inner Geisha on this project but I am quote happy with how it turned out.

This ended up being a fun challenge and it really was a challenge but there is always a solution!!

We have a lot of other creatives that took the challenge of this collaboration, please check out their awesome work by following the link below.

StencilGirl Collaboration on StencilGirl Talk

Thanks so much for joining us!!!

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Language Warning...F*@kin' Badassery Art Journal

Yay!!! A new collaboration...this one is more of an ADULT theme celebrating one of the best swear words!  So fair warning if you are offended...

My favorite Creator of Collaborations, Tina Walker, came up with a goodie for a group of creatives that while mostly responsible adults (haha) still find a great pleasure in using the F word.

This little journal for reveal number 1 is made from ONE single piece of paper cut and folder and arted up! 
I used ALL Viva Las VegaStamps! that I got in a very recent order of 2 lbs of RANDOM red rubber.  I colored and scribbled and journaled and MAN O MAN I am so happy with what came out of it all!!!

So on to the magic..I am just going to share some photos of all the pages and you will see how much fun I had.

The cover is all from piece of dyepot dyed fabrics from the Mad Madder workshop with Tina and DeeDee.

If you would like to see some of the others here are a couple of links:

Tina Walker
DeeDee Catron
Sanna Lippert

Thanks for visiting!!!!  See you next time!

Monday, July 22, 2019

StencilGirl® Wish Flag

I am so lucky to be involved in some awesome StencilGirl® collaborations with Ms. Tina Walker!  This time we created WISH FLAGS. These are so much fun and this one does not disappoint!!

My flag doesn't have a specific wish since my hopes and dreams change daily.  But, to me, when I sit outside on a lovely day the wind always whispers to me, reminding me of all the things that are possible.

I used burlap, muslin and canvas for my flag with Distress Oxide Sprays and Dina Wakley paints along with several StencilGirl® stencils:  L635 Winter Trees Bark, L634 Leafy Trees Arch,  L301 Circles Circles, L261 Vintage Typewriter, L605 Soulful Scribbles Dots Dash

I sprayed the muslin in colors of nature and painted the canvas in coordinating shades.

I love loose threads, ragged edges and even some netting for texture and movement.

I can't wait to see how mother nature alters my flag!

I sprayed the flag a few times with Spectra Fix hoping that my colors will not run too much...

Head over to the StencilGirl® blog to see some other fantastic interpretations of this collaboration.

See you soon for the next one!!!

Monday, April 22, 2019

Resketch COLOR Journal collaboration with StencilGirl®-Vintage Blue

Are  you ready for some AWESOMENESS?!!

Tina Walker, the StencilGirl® collaboration columnist, challenged a small group of creators to choose ONE color and create art journal spreads filling up an ENTIRE Resketch journal.  Resketch journals are made with reclaimed paper!!!  You can see her collaboration columnist post over at StencilGirl® Talks for all of the details.

I picked a small sized resketch journal and the color BLUE.  For me, blue signifies openness, it is vast like the sky and the ocean and in my journal I opened up to create with only ONE color. It taught me that there are so many choices EVEN with limitations.

This is going to be a picture heavy post but stick with it...we are having a giveaway that you won't want to miss!!  And you will be able to link to the other AMAZING artists participating and see the beautiful creations they came up with!!

I left the cover as is and just colored the beautiful artwork on the jurnal I received.

Just look at all of this BLUE!!

I am going to zip through all the pages with some quick notes and a link to the StencilGirl stencil used.

Stencil:  Circles circles
Background is Distress Ink and quote is written with Posca Paint Pens (I used these fantasic pens on all pages)

Stencil:  Brick circle
I used watercolor paint on this page.

Stencil:  Ripples
This images was cut from a magazine.  Most of the images I used (except this one) are from vintage magazines-Life and McCalls.

Stencil:  Leafy trees arch
This one has a Tim Holtz paper doll!

Stencil:  Brick circle, Face it small, Double diameters small
Stencil:  Fade horiztonal, Half moon slant

Stencil: Warped holes, Create face

Stencil:   Brick circle
Viva Las VegaStamps coffee stain stamps for this page.

Stencil:  Warped holes
Vintage book pages and some stamping for this page.

Stencil:  Laugh Face

Stencil:  Inky circles, Entangling threads
More vinatge collaging.

Stencil:  Stars inspired by Matisse
This page uses some shimmering alcohol inks by Kristie Taylor designs. 

And lasy but not least...

Stencil: Finding your tribe

Whew!  You made it through all of the pages, thanks for sticking with me!!
We can't let you leave without saying THANK YOU for sharing in our color journal story. And, as a special Thank You, we also have a GIVEAWAY!

We are giving away a random selection of resketch journals AND a $25 StencilGirl® gift certificate to ONE LUCKY PERSON!

Make sure to comment below to let us know you've visited and let us know what color your journal would be. Visit each artist(s) blog for more chances to win! (comments due no later than April 28th midnight EST).

We will pick ONE winner on April 29th, 2019 so watch this space to see if you are a winner!

Please visit our other collaborators, links below.

Marsha Valk
Cynthia Sylveri
Lisa Dobri
Erin Serviss DeCoste
Jenny Pekulik Petricek
Josefine Fouarge
Tina Walker
Anna Friesen 

That is A LOT of inspiration isn't it??!!!  Hope you are inspired and enjoyed our journey!! 

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

#TheStencilfiedJournal - Prompt 16

Prompt 16!  And we had so much fun we begged Tina for more prompts so we could keep going!!  You'll be seeing more fun stuff added to this journal but for right now...

I went big with some color on this one!  The back ground is Dina Wakley paint, peacock and olive (2 of my FAVS!)  I stencil with the S445 Faces in the Crowd stencil then stamped paint cirlces and squares over.

My insert envelope for my secret note to myself is folded from a piece of ledger paper, stencil with crackle paste throught the S181 Warped Holes 6 stencil then I sprayed Distress spray in abandoned coral, cracked pistachio and fossilized amber on both sides.

Some wors, some splatters and I tucked a tag with a note to myself inside.

I am in love with all the color!!

Thanks for Tina and StencilGirl for the first phase of this jurnaling journey!  Keep watching the StencilGirl Blog, StencilGirl Talk for a feature by Tina Walker on this #TheStencilfiedJournal collaboration!!

And come back soon to see more pages inspired by Tina's prompts and StencilGirl stencils!!

#TheStencilfiedJournal - Prompt 15

We are at the second tot he last prompt in the original set of 16 prompt for this collaboration!

I used an envelope to create a pocket to insert into my journal.

I stencil with the same stencil on both side of the pocket but used different colors of Dina Wakley paint on each side.

Stencil used: S532 Double Diameters

Then doodling with my Posca paint pens.
Now I have a place to put memorabilia or little bits I want to keep.

Stay tuned for prompt 16...

Sunday, September 30, 2018

#TheStencilfiedJournal - Prompt 14

Just a couple more prompts left in the first set of #TheStencilfiedJournal callaborations so here we go with 14.

I couldn't just stencil straight lines now could I?

The background is gold watercolor and then I stenciled with Stone and Mortar Version 2 using Dina Wakley paint in olive.  Quote and doodling with Posca Paint pens.

Great quote right??!!