Monday, October 24, 2022

StencilGirl® Halloween 2022 Collaboration

 Happy Halloween!!!

I am sharing a FANTASTIC new collaboration organized and hosted by Tina Walker for StencilGirl®!

This one also included unbelievable product from UmWowStudios, roloDEX!!

The challenge was use StencilGirl® stencils and build a Halloween themed rolodex tray. SO. MUCH. FUN!!

Stencils used:

I also used chipboard pieces from UmWowStudio and Stuff By Belle along with bits and pieces from Ideology and some vintage things from my stash!

Just look at these roloDEX cards filled with spooky goodness!

I can't wait to add more cards to this tray!!!
Of course I had to paint the tray orange and crackle then glaze with black!!!

And how could I not have a little graveyard entrance!!

You can also check out the other AWESOMELY UNBELIEVABLE trays from the rest of the artists in the collaboration by heading over to the StencilGirl® blog, StencilGirlTalk, where Tina has featured all the works with links to their projects.

Monday, April 26, 2021

Tag You're It Collaboration

 I am thrilled to be a part of a fabulous StencilGirl collaboration!  This one involved swapping tags, 2 each, with 14 participants and then creating with the tags.  Tina Walker, StencilGirl Columnist, spear headed the collaboration and you can find the post that includes all the fabulous artists work over on the StencilGirl Talk blog. Here you will be able to follow links to all the projects and see details of all of the amazing work by so many talented ladies!

I created a fold out tag journal with all of my tags.

My cover is muslin stenciled with acrylic paint and sewn to a heavy cardstock base.  The closure is a long piece of Sari ribbon wax sealed to the front cover.

When you unwrap the ribbon there is an explosion of FABULOUS tags revealed.

You can view a video reveal of the entire journal by following this link to my YouTube channel.

There were so many stencils used by all of the artists during the creation of all of these tags, every single one was a StencilGirl stencil.  In the creation of my journal they became part of the background layers, I am listing the main stencils I used once my journal was assembled.

Leafy Trees ArchWinter Trees bark and Stencil Club stencils: SC-10-2020. SC-12-2019. SC-05-2020, SC-02-2021. The stenciling of the leafy trees and winter trees is using Dina Wakley black gesso.

Now a little bit about my journal.  I focused on eight words, these words are ones that I have had on my mind quite a bit lately.









Magazine images collaged for each word and a little relevant sentiment included.  I also used my handy dandy Posca paint pens for the words and doodling.

One side of the accordion has butterflies between each scene.

And the other has bees.

Thanks for hanging in there and getting through this picture heavy post.  I had an incredibly fun time creating this journal and am honored to have bits of art from each of the artists that participated in this creation.  I hope you enjoyed it and are as inspired by ALL of the others as much as I am.



Monday, January 25, 2021

Beautiful Minds Inspiration Collaboration

 I am excited to share another StencilGirl Products Collaboration I participated in.  Of course StencilGirl Columnist Tina Walker was the brains behind the collaboration.  You can find the main post, A Beautiful Mind Inspiration Collaboration.  From this post you will be able to view all of the other artists creations in this collaboration.

We were challenged to create a project inspired by one of your favorite makers.  They could be someone who inspires you with their design esthetic, their mixed media supplies, their tools or just their overall person. Only one rule for this project...use StencilGirl Products Stencils.

The maker I selected is my dear friend Tina Walker. Even before we were friends I was always inspired and drawn to her work. Now I am especially inspired not only by her work but by all the the various products she designs.

I created a project inspired by her journaling style and products. It is a wall hanging made from tags with gelli plate prints with Tina's stencil designs for StencilGirl Products and alcohol ink.

Stencils used:
S822 Cathedral FloorS814 Icelandic ChurchSC 10-2020 Walker, L261 Vintage Typewriter Alphabet StencilSC 4-2020 Dube

Layers, collaging, doodling and drawing are all some of the different techniques used here.

These layers are a tag with stenciling, an upcycled tea bag, vintage lace, book page and one of the custom washi designs Tina has available.

Doodling and collaging. The image is from a vintage Ladies Home Journal, 1910 I believe and the doodling is with Posca Paint Pens.

A little freehand drawings of some flowers with a Stabilo All pencil then painted with Dina Wakley paint.

And of course there had to be a quite to bring it all together!!

If you too would like to be inspired by the maker I chose, Tina Walker, you can visit her blog by clicking HERE. You will not be disappointed.

Thanks for joining us on our creative journey and I hope you check out the other artists...there is some amazing work to be seen!!

Monday, July 27, 2020

A to Z StencilGirl® Art Journal Collaboration and Challenge

The work for this latest challenge by Tina Walker for StencilGirl® was quite a while in the making.  We were challenged to create a journal with a theme but you had to use all letters A to Z.  Wow, right??  I choose a theme that, for the most part, gave me no trouble for each letter.  I chose 'Things That Make Me Happy'.

My journal was created from a large stack of envelopes I happened to have lying around...they were PERFECT!  I bound them all together and used a pamphlet stitch with some Sari ribbon I sprayed.

Each page is has a background colored with Dina Wakley gloss sprays and then stenciled with StencilGirl® stencils and more of the gloss sprays.  The letters of the alphabet are traced through a stencil with Posca paint pens and all doodling and writing is also done with Posca's.

I used SO MANY StencilGirl® stencils (click on each one to see the stencil):  L261, S445, S151, S695, S527, S532, S550, S232, L266, L301, L433, S135S181, S696, S575.  Of course many of my StencilClub stencils were used too, 11 to be exact!!

These are a few of my favorite pages!!  Each letter has a thing that makes me happy AND a little quote about that thing...

Below is a quick video flip through.

You can see some other fantastic journals and read about Tina's inspiration over on StencilGirl Talk  .
The work and the themes are so amazing and inspiring.  This collaboration might just be my favorite so far!!!  I really enjoyed making this one!!!

I hope you enjoyed it to and I really hope you will visit the other artists and enjoy their work as well!!

Monday, June 15, 2020

Helping Hands Across the World

We are all in the same storm but not all in the same boat.

I read this a couple weeks ago and found it to be very appropriate in these troubled times we are all facing in 2020.
One of my favorite things about the creative community is how everyone comes together to help causes that are important to our fellow creatives.

My friend Jenn Shurkus reached out to creatives all over the world and I am happy, honored and proud to be spreading the word about a cause that is near and dear to her heart.

Jenn Shurkus lives on Cape Cod and is raising money for the Cape Cod Resilience Fund. This fund will help small businesses on Cape Cod who are experiencing financial difficulties due to Covid-19. This fund will be around for the long run, and continue to help small businesses out in the future. YOU can help now by purchasing one of Jenn's exclusive Cape Cod stamp sets. For each set sold between June 15th- July 1st, $10 will be donated to the CCRF. Another way you can help? Share this with your creative friends and help spread the word! More details can be found on Jenn's site here:

This stamp set is so fun AND doesn't have to be used on only Cape Cod themed projects.  But if you have been to the Cape or are from the Cape or have family on the Cape, this set is definitely for you.  The best thing about it though is that your purchase is doing great things for a community that is struggling right now.

I am excited to share some cards I made using this fun stamp set!!  I have two Cape cards and two any occasion cards.  I mixed Lawn Fawn stamps and dies in my creations too.  The Lawn Fawn and all other supplies used (Copic Markers, Distress Oxide Ink, Lawn Fawn Ink) were purchased at Scrappy Chic.

First, the Cape Cod specific card:

And now, the any occasion cards (using the Lawn Fawn Slim Line dies):

I had so much fun creating these cards and have a warm feeling in my heart because it was for a great cause, win win for everyone!!

Head over to Facebook and Instagram for more awesome inspiration, search hashtags: #ShurkusStamps, #CapeCod, #LoveLiveLocal, #CapeCodResilienceFund

Also check out LiveLoveLocal. and Jenn Shurkus.

Thank you so much for visiting!  STAY SAFE!

Monday, April 27, 2020

Rainy Days StencilGirl Collaboration

StencilGirl Columnist Tina Walker threw out a challenge to a bunch of creatives to use StencilGirl stencils and alter an UMBRELLA.  Now I was not going to participate in this one but Miss DeeDee Catron threw out a second challenge to me and I couldn't NOT.  So here is what I came up with...

I used a paper umbrella for this challenge, covered it in spray gesso and got to work with my selected StencilGirl stencils and Dina Wakley acrylic paints.

I used 2 of my favorite stencils; S527 Cross Stitch Plus Times and S575 Layers of Scallops.

Then with my beloved Posca Paint Pens I got started doodling and this is where we ended up.

I think I was channeling my inner Geisha on this project but I am quote happy with how it turned out.

This ended up being a fun challenge and it really was a challenge but there is always a solution!!

We have a lot of other creatives that took the challenge of this collaboration, please check out their awesome work by following the link below.

StencilGirl Collaboration on StencilGirl Talk

Thanks so much for joining us!!!

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Language Warning...F*@kin' Badassery Art Journal

Yay!!! A new collaboration...this one is more of an ADULT theme celebrating one of the best swear words!  So fair warning if you are offended...

My favorite Creator of Collaborations, Tina Walker, came up with a goodie for a group of creatives that while mostly responsible adults (haha) still find a great pleasure in using the F word.

This little journal for reveal number 1 is made from ONE single piece of paper cut and folder and arted up! 
I used ALL Viva Las VegaStamps! that I got in a very recent order of 2 lbs of RANDOM red rubber.  I colored and scribbled and journaled and MAN O MAN I am so happy with what came out of it all!!!

So on to the magic..I am just going to share some photos of all the pages and you will see how much fun I had.

The cover is all from piece of dyepot dyed fabrics from the Mad Madder workshop with Tina and DeeDee.

If you would like to see some of the others here are a couple of links:

Tina Walker
DeeDee Catron
Sanna Lippert

Thanks for visiting!!!!  See you next time!