Saturday, December 31, 2016

Only A Number

Recently I met a bunch of creatives for a lovely Labor Day Soiree, we had an amazing time over the Labor Day holiday weekend.  It was full of creating, antiquing, wine drinking and chocolate doesn't get much better than that!

I started a project designed around a mold my friend Tina Walker cast with Amazing Mold Putty.  I poured Amazing Casting Resin into it and went from there.  I didn't get to finish it that weekend and have been staring at it for months waiting to be completed.  FINALLY I was inspired to complete it.

I am excited with the outcome and would like to share it with you while we wrap up 2016.

The numbers on the smaller panel is the resin cast, awesome right??!!  It is sprayed with Distress Spray to give it the gorgeous color.  The same sprays are used on the canvas also.

My winged princess is a few bits and bobs from my stash including a vintage charlotte doll.

Just look at that color on the resin!!  I used Prima wired thread to create the circles.

I hand stamped the sentiment...I had a big birthday this year so this really rings true for me!  I surely DO NOT feel my age!!

I finished up with some resistors and cheese cloth.

And there it is, now it is hanging on my wall where I can be reminded everyday that 'age is only a number'.

Thanks for visiting and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


  1. This is gorgeous Michele ! Love it !
    Corrie x

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