Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Hello friends!!  The Sustainable Souls are sharing some awesome inspiration this month and we are bringing awareness to repurposing.

At my LSS, Scrappy Chic, I run a Kid's Club and this month we are working on repurposing childrens books into journals.  The kids range in age from 6-13 and we are discussing how you can reuse items to turn them into new treasures.  Our first phase of the project will be the covers of our journals.

I am sharing with you my version our our recycled journal.

I am very excited to show the kids how a little gesso and paint, along with some imagination, can make old new again.

We will be using loads of Dina Wakley products and getting messy!

I can't wait to introduce them to the importance of reusing things and making them meaningful again.

Painting, stenciling and mark making, OH MY!!

Make sure you head back over to The Sustainable Souls blog for some great inspiration on how you can recycle and reuse everyday items in our crafty journy.

See you next month!!!


  1. This is all sorts of wonderful! ♥ Great idea and what a great project with the kiddos!

  2. This is sooo great! I love that you are encouraging the kids to think outside of the box. It really is endless the supplies that we have without ever having to buy...Great job! Laura