Wednesday, October 3, 2018

#TheStencilfiedJournal - Prompt 16

Prompt 16!  And we had so much fun we begged Tina for more prompts so we could keep going!!  You'll be seeing more fun stuff added to this journal but for right now...

I went big with some color on this one!  The back ground is Dina Wakley paint, peacock and olive (2 of my FAVS!)  I stencil with the S445 Faces in the Crowd stencil then stamped paint cirlces and squares over.

My insert envelope for my secret note to myself is folded from a piece of ledger paper, stencil with crackle paste throught the S181 Warped Holes 6 stencil then I sprayed Distress spray in abandoned coral, cracked pistachio and fossilized amber on both sides.

Some wors, some splatters and I tucked a tag with a note to myself inside.

I am in love with all the color!!

Thanks for Tina and StencilGirl for the first phase of this jurnaling journey!  Keep watching the StencilGirl Blog, StencilGirl Talk for a feature by Tina Walker on this #TheStencilfiedJournal collaboration!!

And come back soon to see more pages inspired by Tina's prompts and StencilGirl stencils!!

#TheStencilfiedJournal - Prompt 15

We are at the second tot he last prompt in the original set of 16 prompt for this collaboration!

I used an envelope to create a pocket to insert into my journal.

I stencil with the same stencil on both side of the pocket but used different colors of Dina Wakley paint on each side.

Stencil used: S532 Double Diameters

Then doodling with my Posca paint pens.
Now I have a place to put memorabilia or little bits I want to keep.

Stay tuned for prompt 16...

Sunday, September 30, 2018

#TheStencilfiedJournal - Prompt 14

Just a couple more prompts left in the first set of #TheStencilfiedJournal callaborations so here we go with 14.

I couldn't just stencil straight lines now could I?

The background is gold watercolor and then I stenciled with Stone and Mortar Version 2 using Dina Wakley paint in olive.  Quote and doodling with Posca Paint pens.

Great quote right??!!

#TheStencilfiedJournal - Prompt 13

Ready for prompt 13??  Let's get right to it!

I rolled some Dina Wakley paint on the bottom of my slipper and stepped on you journal page.

The next layer are dots I painted before I got out the stencil to do my journaling.

I used the Vintage Typewriter Lower Case Alphabet (L261) stencil, black paint and posca paint pens.

I am loving those tiny little dots!!

See you for prompt 14!

#TheStencilfiedJournal - Prompt 12

Prompt 12 was a challenge for some in our group but I had SO MUCH FUN with it!!

I was really happy with how my front and back cover worked out!!

Stencils used: L486 Stars Inspired by Matisse, S550 Face It
I used Dina Wakley paints for the background and then painted the face stencil (with my FINGER) with them also.

After it dried I soaked the edges in coffe for about 5 minutes.

I love me some coffee stained pages!!!

See you back here for prompt 13!

#TheStencilfiedJournal - Prompt 11

I have a bunch of catching up to do on my blog posts for our collaboration...
Here is prompt 11.

So if you remember we tore a page out and letf it out in the was time to bring it back in for this prompt.

I used Dina Wakley Media tape to tip my page back into my journal.

The glue I used did't hold that well so my pages came apart but I love what the elements did to the pages.

Before they came apart though I stencil the back of the page that I toe out.

Stencils used:  S319 Scribble Blooms, S604 Mikki's Flowers
Stenciled with Dina Wakley paints; lemon and sedona, then doodling and writing with Posca Paint pens.

I love the naturally worn area from being out side!

See you soon...

Monday, August 6, 2018

#TheStencilfiedJournal - Prompt 10

Prompt 10, using only StencilGirl® stencils, was tough and I followed the prompt LOOSELY.

I started my one page spread with some Dina Wakley paint- sky and marine.

With S045 Mandala #4 and a baby wipe I removed the paint where the stencil was.

I used L261 Vintage Typewriter Alphabet and black paint to stencil for the morning and the night.

A little doodling and drawing with Posca Paint pens.

See you next week for Prompt #11...any guesses as to what it will be??

Monday, July 30, 2018

#TheStencilfiiedJournal - Prompt 9

Prompt 9 was so much fun!!!

Of course using only StencilGirl® stencils...  I swapped journals with my friend and our hostess for this collaboration, Tina Walker.  You are going to love this spread!!

She chose red for her one color and used a stencil from the StencilClub, July of this year.

Perfect quote too!!!

If you want to see the page I did in Tina's journal head over to her blog.

9 more prompts for this journal collaboration and I will be sad to see it end!!!

See you next week.

Monday, July 23, 2018

The Plain Box Society

I have been participating in lots of really fun collaborations this past year!  Today I am sharing another one StencilGirl® columnist Tina Walker pulled together.
For The Plain Box Society we all got the same plain box and were challenged to decorate it however we wanted, the only rule was any stencil used had to be StencilGirl®.  Easy peasy right?!!
This is what our box started out looking like.

No automatic alt text available.

I actually took my box apart so I could lay it flat to work on it.  

I started with the Layers of Scallops stencil (S575) and filled in with the ATC Mix Up stencil (L543).

I did all my stecniling with Dina Wakley paints; Peacock, Olive, Sedona and Cheddar.

Then all the doodling with Posca Paint Pens.

I accidentally smudged the paint pen while I was doodling and found that I liked the grunginess of it so I made sure to keep smudging while I continued to doodle.

I used the Tim Holtz foam alpha stamps to add some words areound the bottom of the box, stamped in archival ink.

I am really looking forward to giving a gift in this box, I will just have to wait for the perfect one to fit!

Please be sure to visit the StencilGirl® blog for more info on the collaboration and some other really great boxes by so many talented artists!!

Until next time...

#TheStencilfiedJournal - Prompt 8

If you have been following along for the last 7 weeks we are now on prompt 8 and in week 8 of #TheStencilfiedJournal, our collaboration using only StencilGirl®, the challenge looks like it would be easy but in fact it was a little tricky...

Kids, don't try this unsupervised!!!  I had my stencil stuck to places a stencil should never be stuck to.

I used S527Cross Sticth Plus Times with Tim Holtz Collage Medium.  I acted as a resist so when it was dry I used Distress Ink over the background.

I also used S151 Half Moon Slant and L543 ATC Mix Up 1 for another layer on my page.

The stamped image is one designed by Ms Tina Walker for Viva Las VegaSatmps!  Then of course doodling and writing with Posca Paint pens.

Make sure to come back soon,,,the next prompts are getting VERY interesting!!!

See you SOON!

Monday, July 16, 2018

#TheStencilfiedJournal - Prompt 7

Week 7 and boy was this one a challenge for me!!

Just one rule... using only StencilGirl® stencils!

So I started by woring on a single page in my journal.  And even knowiing it was going to be ripped out and ripped up I still got a little attached to it.

I used Tide Pool S345 for my background, stenciled in Distress Crayon-festive berry.
The some doodling and drawing with Posca Paint Pens.

I used the same stencil on this background, Tide Pool S345 but Dina Wakley paint in sky.  I tore up my other page and glued it in the shape of a heart.

I wrote my saying around the heart and then drew a border.

My torn up page made some great pattern and texture in my heart...

Thanks for looking!  See you next week.