Monday, June 11, 2018

#TheStencilfiedJournal - Prompt 2

Thanks for coming back for prompt TWO in our art hournal collaboration.
So if you remember from last week there was only one rule!  We just had to use Stencil Girl stencils on all of our pages.

Let's jump right in!

YES, stencil a page and RIP it out... I was slightly intimidated by that part but it is just paper right??!!

I stenciled with S301 Makes Marks Marks (Mary Beth Shaw) and S290 Deconstructed Zinnia Stencil and Mask (Traci Bautista)   

Some painting wit Dina Wakley Medis paints; Marine, Cheddar, Olive and Lemon.  Doodling with Posca Paint Pens.

Now the hard part, mentally not physcially!!

I ripped that page right out!!!

Then tied it to a tree in my front yard!  I used a scrap of Sari ribbon.

I hope you will stop back next week for Prompt THREE!!

1 comment:

  1. I think I would have a hard time ripping it out! Then, I definitely couldn't put it outside... if have to use it as a card front or something. You are so much stronger than me!