Monday, April 27, 2020

Rainy Days StencilGirl Collaboration

StencilGirl Columnist Tina Walker threw out a challenge to a bunch of creatives to use StencilGirl stencils and alter an UMBRELLA.  Now I was not going to participate in this one but Miss DeeDee Catron threw out a second challenge to me and I couldn't NOT.  So here is what I came up with...

I used a paper umbrella for this challenge, covered it in spray gesso and got to work with my selected StencilGirl stencils and Dina Wakley acrylic paints.

I used 2 of my favorite stencils; S527 Cross Stitch Plus Times and S575 Layers of Scallops.

Then with my beloved Posca Paint Pens I got started doodling and this is where we ended up.

I think I was channeling my inner Geisha on this project but I am quote happy with how it turned out.

This ended up being a fun challenge and it really was a challenge but there is always a solution!!

We have a lot of other creatives that took the challenge of this collaboration, please check out their awesome work by following the link below.

StencilGirl Collaboration on StencilGirl Talk

Thanks so much for joining us!!!


  1. Love how your creation turned out. Has me thinking bigger than journal pages.

  2. This looks wonderful. I, too, thought of Japanese style umbrellas when I saw it.