Monday, April 26, 2021

Tag You're It Collaboration

 I am thrilled to be a part of a fabulous StencilGirl collaboration!  This one involved swapping tags, 2 each, with 14 participants and then creating with the tags.  Tina Walker, StencilGirl Columnist, spear headed the collaboration and you can find the post that includes all the fabulous artists work over on the StencilGirl Talk blog. Here you will be able to follow links to all the projects and see details of all of the amazing work by so many talented ladies!

I created a fold out tag journal with all of my tags.

My cover is muslin stenciled with acrylic paint and sewn to a heavy cardstock base.  The closure is a long piece of Sari ribbon wax sealed to the front cover.

When you unwrap the ribbon there is an explosion of FABULOUS tags revealed.

You can view a video reveal of the entire journal by following this link to my YouTube channel.

There were so many stencils used by all of the artists during the creation of all of these tags, every single one was a StencilGirl stencil.  In the creation of my journal they became part of the background layers, I am listing the main stencils I used once my journal was assembled.

Leafy Trees ArchWinter Trees bark and Stencil Club stencils: SC-10-2020. SC-12-2019. SC-05-2020, SC-02-2021. The stenciling of the leafy trees and winter trees is using Dina Wakley black gesso.

Now a little bit about my journal.  I focused on eight words, these words are ones that I have had on my mind quite a bit lately.









Magazine images collaged for each word and a little relevant sentiment included.  I also used my handy dandy Posca paint pens for the words and doodling.

One side of the accordion has butterflies between each scene.

And the other has bees.

Thanks for hanging in there and getting through this picture heavy post.  I had an incredibly fun time creating this journal and am honored to have bits of art from each of the artists that participated in this creation.  I hope you enjoyed it and are as inspired by ALL of the others as much as I am.